My first Amazon Prime Experience

I see why we will one day never leave our homes. Amazon needs to run for president! Effective, efficient, execution. The 3E's would be the platform. This is my first time celebrating Amazon Prime Day with the rest of the world. I am over joyed!! I am unsure if you are aware but I absolutely dislike shopping. …in person. It is a hassle, it takes a long time, it’s more expensive and it cost me money to even g ...

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Pitching at Sharktank San Francisco

#ThatTechGirl Liberty Madison heads to Shark Tank!!! Sooooo today was a bit epic! As seen on Shark Tank auditions! Auditioning for Shark Tank has been an amazing experience!! I learn so much about the behind the scene process of my favorite TV show, my company, myself, and growth hacking! I will release a number of blog post about my experience at Shark Tank! They came to the bay for the first time in the s ...

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#ThatTechGirl partners with Vitamin Water to celebrate #Startup Entrepreneurs

#ThatTechGirl @libertymadison has partnered with @vitaminwater to celebrate #entrepreneurship & #tech! You can back projects and help founders!!!! How: Buy #vitaminwater Use code under the cap to allocate funds to a #startup you love! Very simple!! You are now an instant internet #investor!!! What is your hustle! #myhustle is my life! My current venture is @startuphouseoakland yes I founded a #startuphouse ...

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