Social Media Photographer

You are losing money! Social media does the marketing for you! Having a professional cameraperson to capture your events are great but you are losing an opportunity to capital on an untapped marketing. Those attending your event! You are missing key social traction. If you are not organically engaging attendees and helping facilitate an experience that will live online, you are missing an opportunity! The H ...

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Seeking App for Beta Marketing/Press Pilot Test

Are you a startup looking to get the word out about your app? Want to take part in the busiest download week of the year? NEW DEVICE WEEK We have a pilot program that will generate organic social growth across various channels. Gain Traction, get user feedback, test your product on a large scale, Are you raising a round soon? Investors will first ask you one question and ONE question only. DO YOU HAVE TRACT ...

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Biggest Sales Week for Silicon Valley is AFTER Christmas meet ‘New Device Week’

Many are familiar with Black Friday and now Cyber Monday, but few are taking advantage of NEW DEVICE WEEK. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a cloudy foggy mess of advertising screaming at you to buy their newest shiniest erasable musical toothbrush for your dog. It has become a joke. Yes we get it, there's a massive spike from consumers demanding goods for whatever holiday they celebrate. The result, is th ...

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How to speak StartUp

As someone who lives the #StartupLife and brings it to millennials across the country I can +1 EVERYTHING Tech Crunch said in this article. This is by far the funniest thing I have ever read on Techcrunch My favorite: "Cash Flow Positive" "I work in PR" "The Space" "We're a design-centric organization" "Growth Hacking" "We are growing 500% week -over-week" I literally almost dropped my phone while reading " ...

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Job Titles you will only find in Silicon Valley

As #ThatTechGirl, I lead a very techfilled life, yes I said techfilled. I come across innovation at an alarming rate and the most disruptive sector is not solar power, transportation, energy, pollution, or medicine, it is the job title. "Job Title Disruption" is as annoying as the word 'disruption'. Both leave you asking the same question "So what do you do?" Here are a few of my favorites. Job titles you w ...

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5 Growth Hacking Job Tips for #Millennials

Growth Hacking Job Tips from #ThatTechGirl Liberty Madison As, #ThatTechGirl, I have been to enough startup events, conferences, meetups, hackathons, and dev boot camps, to know one thing- Always present yourself in the most desirable light as possible,in every area of your life. Funding a startup is 90% presenting an image of confidence and the "I'm moving forward without you,if you want on board hurry up" ...

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