Fearless Friday

#Fearless #Friday Do something you are afraid of, something that makes you cringe, something you think you are unworthy of doing. Life offers only two choices. At the core of every choice is simple. The choice of love or fear. Fear says - no, withdraw, scared, selfish, hoard, greed, kill, hate, restrict, confine, division, hurt another, superior. LOVE says- yes, acceptance, expansion, open, share, thankful, ...

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Have you seen the NEW TaskRabbit?

Do you use #TaskRabbit? Have you seen the "new" taskrabbit? I know many of you signed up to be a Rabbit after my review last year. I was thrilled to be a part of all of your success!!! I am a long time supporter and early adopter of the platform. Did you know they recently changed the ENTIRE experience of the site? Be on the look out for my review of the new Task Rabbit ...you will not want to miss this!! I ...

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Startup Saturday – The A/B Test

#Startup Saturday! For the #entrepreneur & #millennials #ThatTechGirl challenge! A/B test your concept, vision, or idea. If you get one person to buy, join, or believe in your product you can scale it! You have done it once you can do it again! Saturday is an excellent opportunity to concentrate on you. Most people are relaxing or preparing for their job on Monday. But true freedom comes from providing your ...

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