SF Music Tech & #ThatTechGirl

Oct 2- Are you ready for #sfnewtech?! I will be covering it. Learn more about #tech #startup #startlife that affects the way you send and receive music! Learn about the music business! Excited to see #pandora those guys are always awesome! #sfmusictech #siliconvalley #sf #sanfrancisco its Oct 2! So get your tickets! #ThatTechGirl from #gdc and #videogames to music. #technology is everywhere! #musictech ...

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Learn Node.js from @SubStack at Sudoroom!

FREE: SAT 9.21 - Sudoroom host James Halliday @substack of browserling.com, testling.com, and substack.net. Substack is a pro at Node.js and will intro you to the language. Come and learn what developers already know and love! The Node! With Marina Kukso, Matt Senate, and me #ThatTechGirl! Sudoroom 2141 Broadway at 4pm FOR MORE INFO GO TO NodeSchool.io #ThatTechGirl Approved ...

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Meet #ThatTechGirl at Tech Crunch in SF

Everyone in tech or who loves tech will be at Tech Crunch (www.techcrunch.com) "TechCrunch Disrupt is one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year. This September 7-11, TechCrunch will be bringing Disrupt back to San Francisco to reveal an all new slate of outstanding startups, influential speakers, guests and more to the stage." I know there is a lot to take in but I will guide you throug ...

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