CrowdCon is drawing a crowd once again!

  Get ready for CrowdCon! The new way to make your start up STAND UP! Ever thought about taking your idea to Kick Starter or Indie Go Go? At CrowdCon you can learn the do's and don'ts in crowd funding CrowdCon is October 23 at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco Speakers from Twitter, Tech Crunch, CrowdFlower, Kaggle, IndieGoGo, Stanford,Microsoft, and Ebay will dazzle you with their tech fo ...

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Jason Mraz live in Concert


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Is it hard being an Android in Silicon Valley?

Many look at me as if I work for NASA. In complete awe and amazement. They look down at my hand as if to say "What is that?" Where do you get that? And is that made on earth? Being in the tech hub of the world people expect you to have Apple, and why shouldn't they....the international Global headquarters is down the street. However I am making a bold statement and I back Samsung. Which I am not going to li ...

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