10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job

10 reasons you should never get a job, I can think of more but the list of 10 will do for now.

Our culture has been condition to be workers. You go to school and train to be a small piece of a larger pie and never share in the overall reward. That’s acceptable and normal.

That is not ok.

I have never dreamed of a job. I have never seriously sought out a job. I have always created my own opportunities.

After reflecting on the message being sold to millennials and those alike I found myself switching from my conventional political party of “create more jobs, build more factories, give people a job, give people food” to a more “create your own destiny, don’t look for a job create and build a company, create opportunities for others, show people they are not dependent and they can do whatever they want, grow your own food, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, sustain your life” mindset. This was always my mind set however my political affiliation wasn’t in alignment.

Side Note- If you follow me I am not a political person, mainly because I would like to see results.
I am not a democrat or republican. I simply support Life. Everything else divides us.

We all originate from one common source and have one common set of goals.
Life, love, comfort, and happiness.
Those are the natural paths we follow. Everything else is theory that is taught to us to take us from this path. Don’t be that person!

Take control of your life and create the life you always wanted. The only one stopping you is you and the other folks telling you that you can’t. What they really mean is THEY can’t.

But like I say to those who support workers and never see beyond the time card
“To continue to build a culture of workers is great, I mean we need to hire someone to execute our startup dreams!”


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Be yourself

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